Volunteer Information

Your Volunteer Coordinator, Rev’rend Lawless

Volunteers are a vital part of making an event happen.

The End of Days Entertainment, L.L.C. and Uranium Springs needs you!

Below you will find information on volunteering, such as time and task commitments and descriptions of the available positions.

If after reading this page thoroughly you still have questions, please contact Rev’rend Lawless by email ONLY (and not any other method) at revrend@theeod.org

Volunteer FAQ’s

● Eight hours of work (minimum) at the event gets you one ticket into the event. If you’d like to gift your ticket to someone, please note that name on your volunteer form. Your name (or name gifted) will appear on the master list at check-in.

● No prior ticket purchase necessary with the submission of a completed online volunteer form. There are no refunds. Your submission form will be processed in a timely manner. Please be patient. Before you get nervous and want to buy a ticket, just in case, contact the Volunteer Coordinator via email with your inquiry.

● Each volunteer will receive one raffle ticket per hour of work. If you work extra hours, you will receive additional tickets. These tickets are raffle entries towards vendor donated gifts just for volunteers!

● All Volunteers are responsible to check AND READ all email communication from the Volunteer Coordinator. Volunteers are responsible to record their schedule and check in with their designated coordinator once on site. If your schedule changes prior to your arrival at the event, notify your designated coordinator and volunteer coordinator immediately. While coordinators are on site, communication will be less reliable.

● While on site, if you want to request a change in schedule, find a person to trade shifts with first, then communicate with your designated coordinator. If you cannot find a trade, you must keep your scheduled work time or forfeit your work hours which could lead to a full price ticket payment.

● All Volunteers MUST fill out a form online on the official website. Absolutely no Facebook, messenger or emailed messages or forms will be accepted.

Volunteer Positions Available

Set-Up / Tear-down
If you plan on arriving on the earliest day of the event or leaving at the latest, we need your help! There will be last minute projects and pack-up, relocating and clean up to get done. Must take direction, follow through and be proactive.

Be one of the first faces to be seen at Uranium Springs! Duties include greeting, giving direction, acquire signatures, hand out guide and site tokens. Record volunteers, vendors and entertainers. Must work with gate coordinator, day manager, security and team. Must be efficient and organized. Show your best persona and costume!

Our number one focus as we grow in size. If you have medical training or certification, we need you! Likely to encounter dehydration, burns, cuts, scrapes, bites and sprains. Help keep our attendees safe and taken care of. On-call position. Positioning at each major event on the schedule. Sobriety necessary when on duty.

If you are good at keeping your cool in stressful situations, security is for you. Duties include keeping an eye out for dehydration, help when there is over consumption of alcohol and enforcing no under age attendees being served at the Rusty Stinger. Enforcing non themed car parking regulations, and being alert at all events that are more physically dangerous.

Must maintain excellent communication with coordinator and day manager. Good people skills and friendliness absolutes.

Wreck Room Staff
This team focuses on supporting the mission of the Wreck Room. The Wreck Room is the heart of Uranium Springs and it offers shade, refreshment, and fellowship all day and long into the night.

Our bathrooms need a special team to keep them serviced and safe. Special incentives to members of this team. Duties include replacing barrels, refilling contents of each stall, and inspecting the safety of each stall. Must work with the day manager and property maintenance.

Property Maintenance
Duties include inspecting latrines and Uranium Springs public spaces for safety and functionality. If something needs to be fixed, command center will have the tools you need. A proactive attitude and being handy with tools necessary skills.

Civilian Runners
We need a team of people with vehicles who can run into town in case of emergencies, ice, or whatever might come up. On-call position.

Stage Hands
A team of people who, each night the main stage is live, assist in preparing the stage, performers, and transitioning acts and clearing the stage. Must work closely with the stage manager and sound manager.

Apocalypse Factory Vendor Team
The EoD will have a vendor area this year. We need a team to execute sales and keep the tent clean and organized. Highly proactive and enthusiastic. This team need to be able to take charge of this aspect of the EoD business.

Mad Cap Casino
If you would like to dedicate some time to being a dealer or a game attendant, join this team. Night shifts only. Prior card game experience appreciated. Must work closely with casino manager, Amatha & Edwin Edgerly.

Rusty Stinger Bartender
We need a proactive team to take charge of the Rusty Stinger. Duties include organizing the bar, cleaning, making drinks. If the main stage is live, the Stinger is open. Charisma and friendliness a must. Night shifts only.

Photography & Videography
Professionals and amateurs! We need a team who will capture all the big events, tribe events, everyday candid moments and the landscape of the event! Every point of view is unique! Portfolio review required.

Your time is valuable, and so is your talent and enthusiasm!

If you have some great skills to share, want to be part of a fun team, make new friends, and help build the Uranium Springs community, please consider signing up.