Volunteer Information

Your Volunteer Coordinator, Brittany Young,
of the Legio Tribe

Volunteers are a vital part of making an event happen.

The End of Days Entertainment, L.L.C. and Uranium Springs needs you!

Below you will find information on volunteering, such as time and task commitments and descriptions of the available positions.

If after reading this page thoroughly you still have questions, please contact Brittany Young at detonationvolunteers@gmail.com

Volunteer FAQ’s

  • Eight hours of work at the event gets you one complementary ticket into the event. Shifts can be 8 hours or two 4 hour shifts.
  • If you fail to show up for your shift, or do not complete your shift, you will be expected to pay for your ticket. Failure to report for duty means you will also lose volunteering privileges for the next year.
  • If you are volunteering, please do not purchase a ticket. All ticket purchases are non-refundable.
  • All Volunteers MUST fill out the form online on the official website. Absolutely no Facebook, messenger or emailed messages or forms will be accepted.
  • All Volunteers are responsible to check AND READ all Discord communication from the Volunteer Coordinator. Volunteers are responsible to record their schedule and check in with their designated coordinator once on site.
  • If your schedule changes prior to your arrival at the event, notify your designated coordinator and volunteer coordinator immediately. While coordinators are on site, communication will be less reliable.
  • While on site, if you want to request a change in schedule, find a person to trade shifts with first, then communicate with your designated coordinator. If you cannot find a trade, you must keep your scheduled work time or forfeit your work hours which could lead to a full price ticket payment.

Volunteering and Sobriety
While volunteering for Detonation, it is strongly preferred that you arrive to your shift sober from drugs and alcohol. This ensures a safe and pleasant experience for all. Any post that requires medical intervention or operating a vehicle or other machinery, requires sobriety. If you are too inebriated to perform duties, you will be asked to forfiet your volunteer opportunity and purchase a ticket.

Town Staff

Wreck Room, Mad Cap Casino, and the Main Stage are all part of our post-apocolyptic downtown.  If you are assigned Town Staff, you will be working around the town area, so flexibility is a great asset to have on this team. This is a great post for anyone who thrives on variety and the desire to learn new things and meet new people. Also a great job for anyone that can perform tasks with hand and power tools. 


Be one of the first faces to be seen at Uranium Springs! Duties include greeting, giving direction, acquire signatures, hand out guide and site tokens. Record volunteers, vendors and entertainers. Must work with gate coordinator, day manager, security and team. Must be efficient and organized. This is a great first-timer gig, but you must be willing to learn and show your best wasteland-welcoming persona! Everyone comes to Uranium Springs thru the GATE!

Road Crew

Some years, the roads back into Uranium Springs are as gentle as a tumbleweed on the wind…and some years they are as angry as the gods of old. Road Crew volunteers are a special breed of strong-willed, strong-backed folk who are dedicated to making the lands passable to all, year after year. Road crew members are required to arrive early to the event. This is also a great team for anyone who owns a vehicle strong enough to drag a road drag.

If you are good at keeping your cool in stressful situations, security is for you. Duties may include: General site upkeep, Wreck Room clean up, and looking out for excessive behavior, (dehydration, overindulgence, violence). Our Security team also looks out for our under age attendees being served at the Rusty Stinger. You will also enforce theme rules, such as non themed car parking regulations, and being alert at all events that are more physically dangerous.

Must maintain excellent communication with coordinator and day manager. Great gig for folks with previous security experience.

Latrine & Sanitation
Duties include inspecting latrines for safety and functionality. You may be fixing a doorframe one day, adding toilet paper and sawdust the next, then empying a commode the next day. PLEASE bring with you gloves, safety eyewear, and wear clothes to your shift that can get dirty.


We are looking for staff that are trained in basic first aid and CPR. We do not provide long term or maintenance care. The goal of medical is to patch the small injuries, treat dehydration, or get people stable and call in outside medical assistance as needed. Must be able to remain sober while on-call.

Turby’s Swag Shack
Uranium Springs merch sling-or-ators needed! Turby’s Swag Shack offers the finest in post-apocolytic gear and schwag. We need a team to execute sales and keep the shop clean and organized. Intenet presales, and on-site cash and caps sales are part of the gig. Must be good at math and have a Turby attitude. 

Rusty Stinger Bartender
We need a proactive team to take charge of the Rusty Stinger. Duties include organizing the bar, cleaning, making drinks. If the main stage is live, the Stinger is open. Charisma and friendliness a must. Night shifts only.

Photography & Videography
Professionals and amateurs! We need a team who will capture all the big events, tribe events, everyday candid moments and the landscape of the event! Every point of view is unique! Portfolio review required.

Your time is valuable, and so is your talent and enthusiasm!

If you have some great skills to share, want to be part of a fun team, make new friends, and help build the Uranium Springs community, please consider signing up.