Entertainment Organizer
The Motherfuckin’ Sorcerer


What keeps the radioactive survivors loving life and not thinking about that extra eye growing on their shoulder? Amazing entertainers, and it is your skills that will leave the lasting memories.

If after reading this page thoroughly you still have questions, please contact our Entertainment Organizer. Willmagi@hotmail.com

Past Entertainment

Over the years we have brought out amazing entertainers ranging from outstanding DJs, great bands, great dancers, and breathtaking burlesque troupes.

Some of our past talent includes:

  • The Strand
  • Daniel Graves from the band Aesthetic Perfection
  • DJ Plastic Disease
  • The n9n3
  • Assemblage 23
  • The Nuke Bros
  • Imperative Reaction
  • Molotov Mollies
  • Raven Ebner
  • Nuclear Bombshells
  • DJ Liquid Sexdrive

and too many others to list here….

What we are looking for…

We are open to many sounds to fill the wastes. Rock, metal, industrial, or what ever your band is capable of bring out to our remote location. We provide a sound system capable of supporting any music style.

We take great pride in our DJ’s and the dancing entertainment they bring to Uranium Springs, and have provided a dedicated area called the Cagez. A massive apocalyptic pyramid of steel, wire and flame.

If you are a group that entertains with seduction, humor and props of unusual nature, the new enlarged main stage is ready to present your tallents to the irradiated masses.

Dance Performances
Solo or small group dance performances have been amazingly well recieved, and we are always looking to expand the variety of dancing talent.

Any style is welcome.

Fire Performers
Fire breathing, poi, juggling or any combustable shows are always in demand at both the Cagez and main stage.

Have your own safety and insurance in order and bring the burn.

Or anything you want to display on stage
There is no set flavor for our entertainers, and the citizens of Uranium Springs are always hungry for something new and exciting.

If you have a skill that will wow the crowd, then join us and become part of Uranium Springs history.

If you are ready to enhrall the masses with your talent, click he link below and fill out the form.  We will be in touch to work out arrangements.