Getting To Uranium Springs

Your First Trip to Uranium Springs…

Uranium Springs is located in the beautiful open desert, North of Holbrook Arizona. Once you leave the I-40 expressway, there is about thirty to sixty minutes of dirt roads, depending on how fast you can drive your car. You will not find Uranium Springs by cell phone or by normal map, so please read this page in its entirety. If you have already made the journey, but just need the map, you may click here to scroll down.

If this is your first trip, here is a Gear Guide checklist to help you plan. You must bring everything you need with you, such as water, food, and shelter!

Rules of the (Dirt) Road

First, heed the warnings here and on the event Facebook page. Conditions can change quickly, and Detonation is a rain or shine event. Some think that they know better, and disregard these warnings, and they cause themselves much unnecessary stress.

  • Do not use GPS, do not use your iPhone maps, do not use Google maps
  • Print out both of our maps and use them
  • If this is your first trip to Uranium Springs, don’t come in after dark
We know that you may not have any choice, but we still give the warning to not try to get to Uranium Springs after dark. It is difficult to see some of our signs even though they are reflective, and every year people get lost and have to back track. We will not have staff on hand to lead you to the site. If you must come in at night, drive slow! Potholes and quick turns are your enemy.
The Processing Center officially closes at 10pm. At that point we bar and lock the gate. If you come after this you will have to use the radio that will be placed at the gate to request assistance. This will take time. If waiting for a gate guard is something you would like to avoid, show up prior to 10pm.


Holbrook AZ offers some basic services including plenty of gas and service stations, grocery stores, motels, and fast food.

Note: The Hopi Travel Plaza offers showers for $5.00

Gas Stations

Hopi Travel Plaza – I 40 Exit 292 Holbrook AZ 928.524.6243
Farr Service & A&W – Gas, Propane, A&W food, mini mart, 101 W. Hopi Dr. Holbrook AZ 928.524.2841 (Closed Sundays)
Maverick – Gas Station, Mini mart 1301 Navajo Blvd Holbrook AZ 928.524.9310


Wigwam Motel – 811 W. Hopi Dr Holbrook AZ 928.524.3048
El Rancho Restraunt & Motel – 867 Navajo Blvd Holbrook AZ 928.524.3332

Grocery Store

Safeway – 702 W Hopi Dr Holbrook AZ 928.524.3313


Route 66 Lumber – 822 W. Hopi Dr. Holbrook AZ 928.524.3299


Walt’s Hardware – 516 W Hopi Dr Holbrook AZ 928.524.6946
Tractor Supply Co. – 1521 Navajo Blvd Holbrook AZ 928.524.1032

Misc. Shops of Interest

Knife City – 7699 Sun Valley Rd Sun Valley AZ 928.524.1407 (they sell knives!)


You can certainly use your GPS or phone maps to get to Holbrook Arizona. The Hopi Travel Plaza is a great destination point that will provide an easy to find 24 hour location where you can gas up your vehicle (recommended), freshen up your ice chests, and pee in a room with a ceiling for the last time before heading out into the middle of nowhere. Once you leave the I-40 expressway, you will no longer have access to services, food, and other modern amenities.

From the Hopi Travel Plaza you will travel East to exit 294 – Sun Valley Road. On Sun Valley Road, you will head North to Pima. At this point, you will be hitting dirt roads. DO NOT OBEY online maps from this point forward. What looks like a road on the map is likely a dirt road that leads nowhere. Only obey the maps below.

Option #1

This detailed turn by turn graphic map is from our friend, Mitzy Mayhem of the Molotov Mollies. This map is in PDF format.

Option #2

We recommend printing out both maps. This is more of a topographical map. This map is in PDF format.