Event Rules


Our rules list is short and simple to follow. We all know that the only reason rules exist is because someone before you did something messed up and ruined it for everyone. So, follow these rules, and use some common sense, and we can keep our rules list small and easy to follow for years to come.

1) Attendees must be 18+ years old and present a valid state issued photo ID or passport at check in

2) Costumes are MANDATORY during this event

ALL attendees MUST be in a post apocalyptic costume when not in their own camp.

  • No cartoon characters
  • No Pop-Culture crossovers
  • No glowing rave toys
  • No real firearms/crossbows
  • No brand new or non-distressed clothing

If you are not sure what post apocalyptic costuming looks like, please ask us or post on our Facebook page or on our Discord server and we will help you find resources.

IMPORTANT! Our staff may ask people to change costumes if they are found to be distracting to the theme. We do not want to hinder creativity, but we are providing an atmosphere that requires the participation of all our guests.

3) Firearms / Weapon Rules

We will once again host a live fire shooting range this year. The firing range will ONLY be open during scheduled times. Please follow the Facebook page or the Discord server for further announcements.

Real firearms cannot be used as part of your costume in any situation. Security reserves the right to inspect any and all weapons at any time, to ensure the safety of event participants.

Alcohol and firearms do not mix. If you have been drinking, leave your firearms in their locked locations. Anyone arriving at the shooting range under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be removed from the event.

Threats of violence with a firearm or any other weapon will not be tolerated under ANY circumstance, law enforcement will be called in to remove violators from the event.

Rules may be changed prior to the event. Make sure if you plan to bring a weapon you are current with the rules. Ignorance does not equate innocence.
ANY violation of firearms rules will result in immediate removal from site, no negotiation.

4) Alcohol

Drinking on site is acceptable by 21+ years old. We follow all state and federal laws in regards to alcohol consumption.

Uranium Springs is in located at a higher elevation than most are used to. Be aware that this may affect your alcohol tolerance. BE SAFE!

Drinking and having fun is a big part of these types of events, but know your limits. Security will be looking for people who may have had too much fun, and giving them water. If security gives you a water bottle take that as a sign to take a break from the booze for a little bit, and get some food and other liquids into your system before you continue to enjoy the drink.

If security thinks you may be a danger to yourself, or others, you may be asked to either return to your camp and seek assistance from friends, or taken to Medical to receive water and observation. We want to avoid any alcohol related issues and ensure the safety of our participants.

If you are drinking you must have your legal ID on you. Our bartenders will card you no matter how old or young you look.

5) Quiet Hours

We feel dumb even adding this to our rules, but here it is. Four O’clock AM  (4:00am) is our quiet time. You don’t have to go to bed, but music needs to be turned way down. No screaming or yelling. SERIOUSLY! On Saturday, respect the fact that most of our guests are leaving Sunday and are getting what sleep they can…show them respect by keeping your volume in check.

6) Vehicles

Driving any vehicles (Both civilian and Post Apoc) in Bartertown after sunset is strictly prohibited for the safety of all participants!  Even in your own camp. Only vehicles being unloaded may be driven after dark in the camping areas.

We encourage people to make their vehicles part of their camps, but if it is a newer model vehicle please cover it with camouflage netting or disguise it in some way. If you do not want to theme your vehicle, please unload your gear and when you are set up, move your car to the parking area as soon as possible.

Security will be asking owners of non-themed vehicles that are not properly covered to move the vehicle to the parking lot.

NO NON-THEMED VEHICLES PERMITTED IN TOWN AFTER WEDNESDAY. Vendors with non-themed vehicles must cover them to not stand out.

7) Parties in Camps

BRING IT! We want each camp to show off their apocalyptic hospitality but have a couple simple rules.

  • Keep music at a level that does not disturb the good times of those outside your party. (*Point speakers away from other camps and The Town or into the black.)
  • Do not serve alcohol to people under the age of 21.
  • Music played within camps will be asked to be silenced during scheduled performances.
  • While attending events in a camp that is not your own, please be respectful and honor their rules and personal space.
  • All camps are subject to Uranium Springs event rules and regulations as a whole.

PA sound systems in camps.
While we do encourage camps to host parties, we also know that if your neighbors “great party” is blasting music that you can’t stand, the amazing times you are having at Uranium Springs can turn into a nightmare. So, Our rules regarding PA in camps are as follows.

  • Music should not disturb your neighbors. So that means volume and content. Just because you love mariachi, does not mean that it will be welcomed by others. Keep your volume under control.
  • If you are asked to turn the music down, you are given one warning. If asked again the music must stop, no negotiation.
  • PA systems may ONLY be used on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, unless prior approval has been given for a special show. We will not deal with camps trying to compete with the main stage entertainment.

8) Exploring the area

The entire area surrounding Uranium Springs is beautiful painted desert for miles. So if you go wandering take plenty of water! We highly suggest you take along a compass as well, just in case you get lost remember to head SOUTH! South will get you to the Freeway. Do not go exploring alone! Last, but not least, be sure to confirm firing range hours. During this time, please explore west of the event areas only.


This is a pack it in/pack it out event. Pick up after yourselves. DO NOT leave any trash, that you and your camp have accumulated, onsite during or after the event, or in the camps of other participants.

10) Campfires

Campfires are allowed but please use caution in high winds. The site is covered in dry grass so if you have a camp fire clear an adequate radius ring around your fire pit. Never at any time leave a fire unattended.

11) Drink WATER!

Dehydration is a danger at any camping event. Adding in the desert and booze, and it is a real risk. DRINK WATER!. We have NO Potable Water on site, so bring plenty of water. If you think you might be suffering from dehydration, seek help from Medical.

12) Crimes

Crimes in the real world are crimes at Uranium Springs. Assault, theft, vandalism or any criminal acts will be dealt with accordingly, up to calling in the local Sheriff to deal with the incident.

A special note about Sexual Harassment. Some costumes tend to be revealing, and may put thoughts in your apocalyptic heads…keep them there! Do not put your hands on anyone, male or female who you do not know or who has not invited that kind of interaction. As above, harassment of any guest will be dealt with by security personnel.

REPORT ANY PROBLEMS! REPORT THEM RIGHT AWAY! If there is an aspect of the event that you think is unacceptable, or if someone looks to be a danger to themselves or others, please notify our staff. Our staff will not make a scene or embarrass anyone, but if we can redirect a situation before it gets out of hand, then everyone has a good time. This is to ensure the safety and comfort of all our participants.

13) Outhouses …(AKA: the John, Toilets, Loo, The Head, Shitter.)

Uranium Springs provides composting waste facilities for our participants use. These facilities should be used for #1, #2 and disposal of 1-ply toilet paper only. Sawdust is to be used after each use of these facilities to enable the composting to work properly. Sawdust is provided in each stall. Anything else, disposed of in one these facilities, will result in damage to the outhouse composting. This compost will then not be able to be used for future projects. If you need to dispose of any feminine products, trash, or anything else not listed above, please use a trash receptacle elsewhere.

14) Pets

Starting in 2021, pets are no longer allowed at the Detonation event. The only exceptions are for service dogs, and event staff pets. (Nella, Callie, Sam’s pets)

15) Event Information, Gate Times, & Rules

Uranium Springs is a ticket only event. All attendees must either have pre-purchased tickets or purchase them at the gate. Gates are open from 8:00am till 10:00pm. If you arrive after these hours you must wait outside the gate. DO NOT PARK AND ENTER THE EVENT. Ticket holders will need to present ID with photo at the gate along with a printed ticket. Do not rely on a mobile device version of the ticket.

16) Suspending the Disbelief

This is less of a rule and more of a hard request. We ask that you keep your non-themed items hidden. Modern beer and soda cans can throw off the feel of the setting. Brand new nylon camping chairs look out of place in an apocalypse setting. That bright shiny Nissan kills the view of town. This is not a rule that will get you booted from the event, but it helps make Uranium Springs look amazing in the many photos we take of our time in the apocalypse.