Death Rally Apocalypse Racing


is a themed post-apocalyptic style battle between Drivers in modified off-road go-karts, armed with cheap airsoft guns and various dirty tricks incorporated into their vehicles.

The sport has the opportunity for, and highly encourages, on-track and off-track theatrics, but that is where the staged aspect ends; we do not pre-determine a winner, the races are not fixed, and how you win is based on your style of driving and skills. The goal is a good time and getting as close to Mad Max road combat as possible without the risk of life and limb.





Seven Cup (Festival of Ash)



Our rules list is short and simple to follow, so pay attention. We all know that the only reason rules exist is because someone before you did something messed up and ruined it for everyone. So, follow these rules, and use some common sense, and we can keep our rules list small and easy to follow for years to come.

1) Participants in the Death Rally must be 18+ years old

This is dangerous stuff here. By taking part in the races, you take your well being into your own hands.

2) Participants must pre-register

You must pre-register for the Death Rally prior to the EOD scheduled event. You will be required to complete a Death Rally Waiver onsite prior to the race. Forgot to register but brought your cart anyways? Feel free to join in the vehicle parade instead.

3) All Death Rally vehicles are subject to a pre-race vehicle inspection

It’s the wastes. We fully understand that your carts are thrown together with duct-tape, chicken wire, and zip-ties. That said, you must be able to pass an inspection by our safety-inspector prior to race time. This includes leaky fuel lines; fix them before you hit that track or you may be disqualified.

4) Carts must be 250cc or less

Underdog carts are encouraged to enter the race. The biggest/baddest carts are not always the winner.

5) Carts must have 4 or more wheels

At the current time, mini-bikes are not permitted to participate in the Death Rally, but are encouraged to participate in the vehicle parade.

6) A roll cage is mandatory for all carts

It happens – these things flip. Let’s keep those appendages intact! Vehicle must have a full roll cage.

7) All Drivers are required to wear a seatbelt, helmet, and eye protection during the race

Safety Third (when you’re not racing)!

8) Weapons (for use during combat portion of race only):

  • Weapons are to be used to shoot opponents’ vehicle “armor” only.
  • Drivers may wield basic airsoft pistols. Co2 is permitted, but no full-auto and muzzle velocity reasonable (<350 fps).
  • Paintball and other firearms are not permitted.
  • Vehicle weapons must be cosmetic only and not designed to cause any real damage or harm to opposing participants or their vehicles.

IMPORTANT! Inappropriate behavior* by a Death Rally participant may result in disqualification and removal from the race.


*inappropriate language is highly encouraged

A special shout-out to all who help to make the Death Rally a success and provide a little extra entertainment for the spectators. 

We’ve been working hard to put together an amazing race in 2020 – so get those carts running!